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Our story

It is essential that you take good care of yourself. So if you are concerned, or you have gynaecological issues or questions please do not hesitate and make an appointment.

Our consultants

Dr. C. van der Wijden, MD, PhD, MPH, MSc
Dr. C. van der Wijden, MD, PhD, MPH, MScBIG-number: 19025034801
Dr. van der Wijden (Carla), former tropical doctor, focuses on commitment, listening and personal attention. She has a broad interest and uses shared decision making to come to the right treatment. Her expertise is general gynaecology and in particular contraception, abnormal PAP smears, pelvic floor issues (including incontinence) and endocrinology (cycle disorders, fertility).
In addition to her work as a gynaecologist, she taught patient-centered care as a business expert at Nyenrode Business University and the University of Amsterdam.

‘Dr. van der Wijden is a very good gynaecologist who addressed my case patiently and always clarified my queries by providing all necessary details. My treatment was successful and I am happy with her service.’

Dr van Stralen
Dr van StralenBIG-nummer: 29056189201
Dr. Giel van Stralen, gynecologist, has worked in several hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides that, he has experience as a teacher, educational developer, and policy maker. He is a dedicated gynecologist who focuses on you, and the reason for you visiting the clinic. He is a good listener and is particularly interested in general gynecology, ultrasound, contraception, heavy menstrual bleeding, abnormal Pap smears and fertility. In addition to his work as a gynecologist, he provides training to young doctors, who will work in the obstetrical department in the hospital, and to general practitioners in training. Giel van Stralen works at Gynaecology Amsterdam because of the available time and attention that is given to each patient.

Very pleasant clinic, they listen to our questions, explain very clearly and look further than just the medical facts and data. Gives a lot of confidence.

Drs. Marijn van Zetten
Drs. Marijn van ZettenBIG-nummer: 29910033901
Drs. van Zetten is a gynecologist since 2015 and was trained in Germany. She returned to the Netherlands in 2016 and has worked in various hospitals. She is a passionate and experienced gynaecologist. She started in Amsterdam enthusiastically and she found what she was looking for: enough time for the patient and the doctor to explore the complaint thoroughly and act upon.
In addition to her work in Amsterdam, she loves skiing and likes to go out with her young family.