What do we offer?

Please refer to us in case you have one of the following symptoms:

If you suffer from lower abdominal pain, you can also contact us. A multidisciplinary approach with physiotherapist, psychologist and/or sex therapist is often desirable and possible. If necessary, you can be seen on short notice.

In sexual problems a multidisciplinary approach is also an option. But sometimes discussing the complaints/problem & receiving an explanation is enough. The same applies to menopausal symptoms.

Waiting times are usually very short as we try to see you within a week. To make an appointment, you need a referral from your Dutch general practitioner. We also offer the option to make a private consultation with us, which will not be covered by your medical insurance so you need to pay that yourself.



Gynaecology Amsterdam has a good working relationship with the surrounding general practitioners and hospitals.

Take good care of yourself and book a consultation. Our door is always open.